General safety information

This user manual has basic information that should be observed during assembly, start-up, operation, and maintenance. Therefore, this user manual must be read by installers and operators prior to assembly and start/up, and must be accessible to every user of this unit. Additionally, all further safety information in this document absolutely must be observed. Read and follow all instructions. In order to minimise the danger of injury, do not allow children to use this product. Hazards from non-compliance with safety information. Non-compliance with safety information can result in hazards to persons, the environment, and the equipment. Non-compliance with safety information will result in a forfeit of any potential right to damage compensation.

Insufficient personnel qualification

Hazards in the event of insufficiently qualified personnel, potential consequence: Injury, heavy material damage.

The system operator must ensure compliance with the required qualification level.

Any and all work may only be performed by correspondingly qualified personnel.

Access to the system must be prevented for insufficiently qualified persons, e.g. via access codes and passwords.  

Potential overdosing of chemical agents

Despite ASIN Aqua® comprehensive safety functions, it is possible that a probe failure and other

errors could lead to an overdosing of chemical agents. Potential consequence: Injury, heavy material damage.

Design your installation such that uncontrolled dosage is not possible in the event of a probe failure or other errors, and/or such that uncontrolled dosage is recognised and halted before damage is incurred. 

Uncontrolled overdose of chemicals can cause harm to health and property. Even though the device contains a number of security elements can not be ruled out that in case of failure of the measuring probes, or the whole device may result in overdose of chemical agents. Install the equipment so that uncontrolled overdose of chemicals was not possible and that uncontrolled overdose has been detected in time before causing any harm. It is necessary to use chemicals in such quantities that an overdose will not cause dangerous concentration of chemical agents. Do not use chemicals in too large packages or with too high concentration.

Gaseous chlorine produced from dosing in standing water if dosing outputs are not closed via the filter pump

If the flow switch is stuck or experiences another error, there is a risk of dosing into standing water. Poisonous chlorine gas can be yielded when sodium hypochlorite and pH minus come together.

Non-compliance with informational text

There is a great deal of informational text indicating hazards and their avoidance. Not observing informational text may lead to hazards. Potential consequence: gravest degree of injury, heavy material damage.

Read all informational text carefully.

Cancel the process if you are unable to exclude all potential hazards.

Use of new functions

Because of the continued development, a ASIN Aqua® unit may contain functions, which are not completely described in this version of the user manual. The use of such new or extended functions without a profound and secure understanding by the operator may result in malfunctions and severe problems. Potential consequence: Injury, heavy material damage.

 Make sure to get a profound and secure understanding of a function and relevant boundary conditions, before you start to use it.

Check for an updated version of the user manual or additional documentation available for the relevant functions.

Make use of the integrated help function of the ASIN Aqua® to get detailed information on   functions and their parameter settings.

In case it should not be possible to get a profound and secure understanding of a function based  on the available documentation, do not use this function. 

Overdosing if pH value is wrong

If disinfection is enabled before the pH value is stable in the ideal range of 7.0 to 7.4, then it may lead to heavy overdosing of chlorine or bromine. Potential consequence: Injury, heavy material damage.

Do not start disinfection with chlorine or bromine until the pH value is stable in the ideal range between 7.0 and 7.4.

Conditions before using

Make sure you have a newest and updated version of the user manual and other documentation for all functions of the unit. Use and read the integrated help features. In case of not understanding the information about certain features of the unit, do not use these features.

Handling chemicals for pool water treatment.

The chemicals used with the ASIN Aqua must be handled in a safe manner to prevent damage or personal harm. Aseko recommends you always use personal protective safety equipment when handling the pH and chlorine agents. Refer to the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

WARNING: Never mix the pH agent with the chlorine agent. When carrying out maintenance on the clear plastic tubes or valves always rinse with clean water to prevent mixing of the pH and chlorine agents.  

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