Terms and conditions of use

Terms & Conditions

1. Introductory Provisions 

Purchases can be made by legal entities, with the mutual rights and obligations of the Seller and Buyer governed by the following terms and conditions (hereinafter “T&C”). Legal relationships not expressly regulated herein shall be governed by Act No. 89/2012, the Civil Code (hereinafter the “Civil Code”).

The Seller is ASEKO, spol. s r.o., Business ID No.: 40766471, with its registered office at Maternova 5, 148 00 Praha 4, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Entry 2870.

The Buyer is a business purchasing products or using services as part of their business activities or the independent performance of their profession. 

2. Processing and using personal data 

Access to orders.aseko.com may be made conditional upon granting certain personal data from the Buyer. The Seller shall process the personal data for the purposes of entering into a contract and performance thereunder and exercise of the rights arising for the Buyer therefrom. The Seller shall handle all personal data in accordance with valid legal regulations, in particular in accordance with Act No. 101/2000, on personal data protection, as amended. 

3. Ordering goods and entering into a contract 

For an electronic order to be valid, all the prescribed data and essential features must be filled out in the order form. After the order is confirmed and sent it becomes binding. The Seller shall confirm the order at the Buyer’s email address given in the order form. The automatically sent notification of receiving an order does not count as binding acceptance of the order.

By sending the order the Buyer accepts these T&C and the price for the goods ordered, including any potential expediting and transport costs applicable at the time of making and sending the order. The order constitutes a proposed purchase contract, where the actual purchase contract is entered into by email acceptance on the part of the Seller. At that moment the mutual rights and obligations between the Buyer and Seller as defined in the purchase agreement pursuant to the Civil Code and these T&C, which form an integral part of the purchase contract. The contract is entered into in Czech. 

4. Price and payment 

The prices listed on orders.aseko.com are final prices, excluding VAT and including VAT. Costs for transport are later added to the price of the goods in the order form. 

The final calculated price after filling in the order form is stated including transport costs. The price given on the goods at the time the Buyer orders them is the price used at the time of entering into the contract between the Seller and Buyer. This price shall be stated in the order and email confirmation of receiving the order. 

The invoice issued on the basis of the purchase agreement between the Seller and Buyer shall also serve as the tax document. 

5. Delivery time frame 

The time frame for delivery shall begin on the day of entering into the purchase agreement pursuant to Article 3 hereof, i.e. after sending the confirmation email (acceptance) from the Seller. The specific delivery times are stated for each product and only business days count toward the time frames. If the goods ordered cannot be delivered in the stated time frame, the Seller shall inform the Buyer of such fact without delay along with the alternative date for delivery.

6. Conditions for delivering the goods 

The conditions for delivering the goods are subject to the individual order. The specific transporter used to deliver the package is determined by the Seller based on the nature and volume of the goods ordered by the Buyer. 

The Buyer is obliged to take over the duly delivered, undamaged package containing the goods from the transporter, to check that the packaging is undisturbed, the number of packages and to inform the transporter of any defects without delay. If the package shows signs of obvious damage or other markings on the package indicating it was tampered with, the Buyer is obliged to refuse acceptance of the package. If the Buyer does not do so, it shall not be entitled to raise complaints regarding damage to the product during transport and the package shall be deemed to have been delivered to the Buyer undamaged. By signing the consignment slip the Buyer confirms that the package met all the conditions and essential features set forth above and warranty claims regarding damage to the package made later shall not be taken into account. 

The invoice, which also serves as a tax document, shall be sent electronically in .pdf form by email at the time of expediting the goods to the email address the Buyer gave in the order form. By sending the order the Buyer agrees to invoicing in electronic form. 

7. Buyer’s rights in the event of defective performance and maintenance 

Any and all rights in the event of defective performance shall be governed by Section 2099 et seq. of the Civil Code.

8. Final provisions

These T&C are freely available at orders.aseko.com and are thus available for archiving and reproduction by the Buyer. The T&C apply in the scope and wording on the Seller’s website on the day of sending the electronic order form. By sending the electronic order the Buyer confirms that it is familiar with the T&C and agrees to them. The Buyer has been sufficiently informed of the T&C prior to making the order and has the opportunity to become familiar with them.

In Prague, July 1, 2015 

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