ASIN AQUA Oxygen is the most advanced and complex chlorine-free pool water maintenance system that benefits from the synergy efect of complex and precise dosing of Pool & SPA aids.

Included in the package with ASIN AQUA Oxygen is Zeta Potential Mixer DN 40/2, 195mm (D 50mm).
Different sizes for an extra charge. 

Thanks to four dosing pumps, disinfection, pH, algicide and FLOC+C focculant can be dosed at the same time. This means low disinfectant concentrations and non-irritating pool water. ASIN AQUA Oxygen measure the pH, temperature and can control water level.  

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Cutting Edge Chlorine-free technology for crystal clear and healthy water efect. High efficiency even at high temperatures and intense sunlight. 

Main features:

ASEKO Web Services

 - Internet connectable. Application iPool LIVE and iPool Monitor support free usage of Aseko Web Services that allow complete history and overview of your pool maintenance operation.


Filtering time control

- Allow to set two filtering periods in day time

Water level - water refilling

- Allow to set four levels in overflow tank, measured by pressure level sensor and control pool water refilling.

Automatic filter backwash

- ASIN AQUA supports function of BESGO 5way valve that allow to set automatioc backwash periods.

Water temperature - heating control

- Water temperature, measured by electronic thermometer can automatically control heating switch relay.

Freeze protection

- Additional air temperature sensor can monitor low temperatu and switch on the filter pump in case of water freeze danger.

Technical data:

Clime resistance: +5 to +40°C

Output relay contacts: max 230V/1A non-potential relay

Max. filter pump power: 1,49kW / 230V AC

Measuring water pressure: max 1,5 bar

Dosing pump capacity: 60ml/min. / max. 1bar

FLOCC dosing pump capacity: 10ml/min. / max. 1bar

Pool volume: max. 250m3

Dimensions: 430 x 330 x 160mm

Weight: 6,7kg

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