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Advanced device for water quality control. For use with private swimming pools and whirlpools from 1 m3 to 250 m3  

Measuring and dosing of disinfection and pH. Now equipped with electronic flowmeter.

Including CLF probe for measuring of free chlorine content in the pool water. 

Combination of two dosing pumps gives advanced pool water maintenance that benefits from precise dosing of Pool & SPA aids. In combination of correctly selected filtering system you can reach the lowest effective concentration of chemicals that will  reduce harmful effects of disinfection aids in higher concentration. Measuring and dosing of chlorine concentration is controlled by free chlorine CLF.

CLF – The most accurate free chlorine measuring probe
- special ASEKO design and precision – long lasting and easy maintenance -

Technical data:
Power supply: 230V/50Hz
Power consumption: 14 VA
Fuse: T80 mA
Over-voltage category: II
Ingress protection: IP 50
Operation temperature and humidity: +5 to +40°C / 60%
Measuring water pressure: max 1,5 bar
Measured and regulated value: Free chlorine or Redox and pH
Dosing pump capacity: 60ml/min. / max. 1bar
Pool volume: max. 250m3
Weight: 2,2kg
Emplacement: wall-mounted

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