Inverter+ 28kW IVH70

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Inverter+ 28kW IVH70



Heating capacity A26/W26/ H80% (kW) 28.2~7.1 

COP A26/W26/ H80% 16.2~6.6 

Rated input power (kW) 4.0~0.58 

Sound pressure @10m dB(A) 28.6~35.5 

Advised pool volume (m3) 65~120 

Inverter+ HP is the 1st full-inverter pool HP, powered by full-inverter compressor & full inverter fan motor, which adjusts the compressor speed hertz by hertz, and the fan speed revolution by revolution. It matches pool intelligently with continuous & optimal efficiency. The Inverter+ HP allows the heating capacity from 25% to 100% automatically according to pool demand, but most of the time, it only runs by middle & low speed for maximum efficiency. 

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